My Hobby Music

Let's Play Guitar !

Downtown Rock Festival 1976

Guitarist in 1970's and 1980's

My another Hobby is Music. I used to play Guitar in 1970's and 1980's.

I have been practicing guitar since I was a junior high school student. I tried to copy guitar musics of various good musicians, for example, PPM(Peter Paul and Marry), Simon and Garfunkel, EAGLES, The BAND, and LED ZEPPELIN.

My favorite Music is "Canon" of Johann Pachelbel, "Manatsu no Kajitsu" and "Tsunami" of Southern All Stars.

CBS/SONY Amateur Radio Club, JF1YID

There were many Amateur Radio Operators including the president at CBS/SONY Record Company. As the University, where I studied, were close to CBS/SONY, I became a Member of the CBS/SONY Amateur Radio Club (JF1YID).

Members of this club were very active on the air, and they often enjoyed DXpeditions. I (JE1BQE) was responsible for issuing the QSL card (Communication Certificate) of the CBS/SONY Amateur Radio Club.

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