#1 Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands (KH0/JE1BQE、KK6RT/KH0)

Saipan, where is the central island of Northern Mariana Islands, where is located near the world's deepest Mariana Trench. It is an autonomous territory of the United States of America. The distance between the Narita International Airport and the Saipan International Airport is 2,343 km.

* Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Latitude 15° 10' 59.9988" N

Longitude 145° 45' 0.0000" E

* Grid Locator : QK25VG


* I was happy to have many QSOs on 6m band with JAs.

* I enjoyed to have QSOs with European HAMs in CW.

* I participated in the 1992 ARRL International Contest.

(First Place, Single Op., 28MHz, Phone, Mariana Is.)

* I have sent QSLs for all QSOs via JARL QSL bureau.


* Operators (Members of JH1YTU Snoopy Club)

Thomas 7J1AIJ (KK6RT), Motoe 7M1CRB (YL), Hide JE1BQE,

Hack JL1EEE, Harry JL1UEV, Masa JM1RKU, Akira 7L1MJF

* QSL via JL1EEE


#2 San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A. (W6/JE1BQE)

Belmont is an affluent city in San Mateo County in California. It is in the San Francisco Bay Area between San Francisco and San Jose.

I often visited here, because we had the United States Laboratory of our company here.

We Japanese can operate amateur radio there with Japanese amateur radio license (Callsign is W6/Japanese Callsign), because of a Reciprocal Operating Agreements between the United States and Japan.


* QTH : Belmont, California, U.S.A.

* Grid Locator : CM87UM

* Output Power : HF(1kW), 50MHz(500W), 144/430MHz(50W)


#3 Boso Resort, Chiba Prefecture, Japan (JE1BQE)

 Isumi-city, Chiba Prefecture is located in the southeastern part of Chiba Prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean on the east side. The distance between Tokyo and Isumi-city is approximately 100 km.

In addition to fresh fish, lobster shrimp, octopus, sazae, abalone, etc. are caught at Ohara Port, and the "Minato Morning Market" held every Sunday at Ohara Fishing Port is crowded with many visitors. On the sandy beach, loggerhead sea turtles come to spawn, and storks, white-throated butterflies and kingfishers also fly. In addition, Genji Botaru is inhabited by many. Isumi-city is very rich in nature.


* QTH : Ohara, Isumi-city, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

* JCC#1238

* Grid Locator : QM05EF

* Callsigns of the Special Event Station : 8J1ISMC, 8J1IRW


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