I am JE1BQE !

In the Kanto region (JA1) of Japan, I have licensed for 3 amateur radio stations in the same call sign JE1BQE as the 1000W Fixed Station (Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa), the 200W Fixed Station (Taito-ku, Tokyo), and the 50W Mobile Station (Isumi-city, Chiba).

My Profile

I (Hideyuki Nebiya) am the Founder and the President of AMPLET Inc. and AMPLET Communication Laboratory. And I have been a Lecturer of Tokyo Denki University, and a Researcher of the University of Tokyo Hospital previously. Presently, I am a Lecturer of Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University.

I joined Nissan Motor in 1980, the Industrial Institute of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1981, and Hitachi Shonan Denshi in 1983. I found and joined AMPLET, Inc. in 1987. I received my B.E. degree in electronics engineering from Tokyo University of Science in 1980, and my M.E. and Ph.D. degrees in electronics engineering from Nihon University in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

My Amateur Radio History

1971 - I successfully passed my Phone class license, when I was 14 years old. I was stationed JE1BQE in downtown Tokyo and I started coming on the air with a TRIO TR-2200 and a home made GP antenna hanging out of the Barracks window for my 2 meter FM contacts.

1975 - I upgraded my license to 2nd Class, and my parents presented me a TRIO TS-311 HF transceiver when I was a junior high school student. I enjoyed to talk with overseas with this TS-311 (10 watts) and a home made HB9CV antenna at rooftop.

1976 - When I became a university student, I started to write some technical articles in Ham Radio Magazines at a part-time job, then I bought a Yaesu FT-101E with my salary. I had the pleasure to use this 100 watts FT-101E at home. I set up my first 20 feet tower and a triband antenna, a 3 element Mosley TA-33jr.

The year of 1976 was the most enjoyable year for my Ham life. I was stationed JA9QZH in Uozu-city (Toyama Pref.). And I went to West Germany to operate ham radio as JE1BQE/DL and DK0RA.

I went abroad to operate ham radio like DL/JE1BQE, W4, W6, W8, W9/JE1BQE, KH0/JE1BQE and KK6RT/KH0 around 1976-1993.

1983 - I upgraded my license to 1st Class, I became to be able to use 1000 watts maximum power.

2013 - I was stationed JD1BOO (1000 watts) in Ogasawara Island.

2014 - I was stationed HL3ZCG in Daejeon, Korea. I sometimes visit here on my business.

Present - My current rigs are the ICOM IC-7800 and IC-PW1 1000 watts amplifier. My antenna are a 80/40 meter dipole, a 20 - 10 meter spider beam, and a 4 element HB9CV antenna for 6 meter. I work on CW mode most of the times, and I am also interested in 50MHz QSO.


1986 : Engineer award for the First Prize

(Hitachi Shonan Denshi)

2000 : Encouragement Student Award (Nihon University)

2001 : Excellent Student Award (Nihon University)

2003 : Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY Japan)

2003 : Best Engineer of Ubiquitous Network Technology Award

(EC Kenkyu-kai)

2010 : The 23rd Fukuda Award (ME Kai, Tokyo Denki University)

2010 : Guest Speaker at the 50 years Anniversary Party of Science University of Tokyo

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